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What Is The Real Role Of The Car Headrest?

When I mentioned the Car Head Pillow, everyone thought it was a comfortable configuration. We rested our head on the rest to ease the fatigue of the neck. But if I say that the car headrest is actually a safety device, it is very important to improve the safety of the car.

The full name of the car headrest is the car seat safety headrest, the English name is "head restraint", literally translated as "head restraint" or "head restraint", and there is no pillow. It is mounted on the upper part of the back of the car seat and is level with the head of the occupant. When a car rear-end collision occurs, the occupant's head will suddenly move backward. If there is no headrest, it will cause a serious whiplash. With the headrest, it can hold the head and effectively alleviate the accident. The great impact, avoiding neck damage caused by excessive head tilt. Therefore, car headrest is an important passive safety device for automobiles.

Early cars did not have Car Head Rest Pillow. As people pay more and more attention to car safety, car headrests have gradually become popular in cars as a safety device. Nowadays, the car seat headrest has been listed as a mandatory national standard. All the front and rear seats must be equipped with headrests, and the material, strength, energy absorption, position and size of the car headrest are strict. Provisions. In the crash test of automobiles, the whipping test was also officially introduced to test the protective performance of the car seat on the head and neck.
The car headrest is generally made of semi-rigid polyurethane foam. It combines safety and comfort in shape, height and size. It is divided into two types: adjustable and non-adjustable. In order to make the headrest and the occupant's neck shape more conformable, the seat headrest of the passenger car is now adjustable, and on some high-end models, the multi-directional electric adjustment headrest is designed, such as the Volkswagen Phaeton. , Buick Boulevard, Mercedes-Benz and so on. The headrest is generally applied to some trucks, and the headrest and seat back are integrated.
The height adjustment of the headrest is very important. The height of the headrest is too high to cushion the head impact. The height of the headrest is too low to cause the cervical spine to break. The correct height should be that the middle part of the headrest is parallel to the upper edge of the ear, and the distance between the back of the head and the headrest should be as small as possible so that the headrest can effectively protect the head and the cervical vertebra when the vehicle is subjected to severe impact.
Many people like to add a neck pillow between the headrest and the backrest to support the neck and relieve neck fatigue. It is not known that this neck pillow poses a great safety hazard. For example, if a car has a rear-end collision, we will lean back on the head under the influence of huge impact. Under normal circumstances, the headrest will take over our head and avoid excessive backlash; but because of the existence of the neck pillow, our neck The ministry will first come into contact with the neck pillow. If the neck pillow is hard, it will prevent our neck from moving backwards, and our head will continue to move backwards, thus forming the "whiplash" mentioned above. . Therefore, this neck pillow is a big safety hazard. It is recommended that you do not install it.

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