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How To Clean Pillow

No matter how great things are, they will get worse if they are not well maintained. How to wash the pillow? 

The Way to wash can make the pillow simpler to harm, here are a few ways to clean your pillow:

1. The right way to hand wash: use mild detergent to wash; put the pillow to the detergent solution, and squeeze the pillow by hand until it is cleaned, the surplus washing liquid must be thrown out; Rinse the pillow and eventually squeeze the excess water out; place the pillow flat and dry, which will be softer and fluffy.
2. Machine wash cushions should be mentioned: use a gentle detergent for washing; utilize a large washing machine to wash two pillows at precisely the exact same moment. If you can only accommodate you, it is best to put in a towel with each other to balance the water flow; when warm, the pillow will probably be easier to restore the original elasticity, and more soft and soft.
3. Bring to the dry cleaner for professional cleaning.
4. General printing pattern pillow
1)Remove the cushion cover when washing and turn to the reverse side to wash;
2)Avoid immersion and hand washing for a long time, wash with cold water;
3)Please use a flexible detergent or detergent, do not use bleach;
4) Do not iron the pattern directly with an iron;
5)Do not wash the cushion core, direct the sun in the sun, and restore the original expansion after tapping.
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